NSW Schools Titration Competition

Competition Terms and Conditions

To enter teams in the Titration Competition you must agree to and abide by the terms below:

You must be a secondary school teacher at the New South Wales institution from which students are being entered.

All students entered must be currently enrolled in a Preliminary or Higher School Certificate Chemistry or its equivalent at your institution. The IB Diploma Chemistry course and University Foundation Year Chemistry courses are deemed to be equivalent.

All teams from one institution must compete at the same venue.

You agree to train all students in the correct method of titration and safe laboratory codes of conduct. You and your students will abide by the competition rules and the direction and decisions of the competition supervisors at all times. You will have conducted a thorough Risk Assessment pertaining to the competition (a sample risk assessment is available from this website).

All students must present completed indemnity and media release forms to the competition supervisor at the venue on the morning of the competition. These forms indemnify the venue in the case of any misadventure during the course of the competition and allow images of competitors to be used according to strict media guidelines.

All students must wear appropriate clothing in accordance with laboratory guidelines and the special requirements of your chosen venue which will include fully enclosed shoes and safety goggles and may include laboratory coats.

You will have registered and made payment for team places. This must be done before the competition date (usually before the closing date for entries) and you will have received a confirmation of entry from the NSW Competition Coordinator.

You agree to download the following documents: Entry Form, Competition Booklet, Indemnity & Release Form, Sample Scoresheet. These contain the rules, instructions and safety information needed to participate in the competition.